I’m always on the lookout for a good looking freestanding tub that the average client can actually afford.  If you’ve ever considered a freestanding tub you know they can often cost thousands of dollars. If you’ve ever looked at Waterworks tubs, you know they can cost MANY thousands of dollars.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see a good looking large modern tub available through Costco for under $1200.  Plus the faucet can mount on the tub deck which makes choosing a tub filler easier since you don’t have to coordinate tub filler mounting locations with the tub.  Many times I’ll also add a tub deck mounted hand shower to make cleaning out the tub much easier after use (look for a small one since you’ll only be using it to wash the tub, you won’t need a large volume of water).

Freestanding bath tub

Advanta Tub from Costco