The hot color for 2010 is supposed to turquoise, according to Pantone .

Pantone 2010 Color of the Year|
But I would say the colors I’m seeing that you might actually want to use in your home are natural colors especially colors similar to those from natural materials and raw fabrics. I’m also seeing light purples and grays coming in (here is a good example page on West Elm, which tends to track color trends well): .  For prints, I’m again seeing nature based prints like this . You could do something like this in a wallpaper for an accent wall. If you want to mix styles with some funky vintage furniture, then you might consider a funky vintage print wallpaper too.

Gray’s tend to be popular during recessionary times, and I’m definitely seeing them make a strong comeback. And back to the turquoise . . . okay, a turquoise accent might be fun – but an entire room, probably not.