One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “when should we get started on our project?”  Well, that will vary depending on which building department will issue your permit (if required) and the type of project you want to construct.

Let’s first begin with how long the design process may take. If the project is smaller like a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, and either has no structural changes or minor structural changes, then the design time would likely be about 2-6 weeks.  A larger project like a room addition that involves an architect and a structural engineer will likely take 6-8 weeks to design. An even larger project like a whole house remodel or second story addition may take 3-4 months to design. Most of my clients who design a new house from scratch take over 6 months to go through the process.

Building department review times will vary depending on the jurisdiction. Many small projects can get over-the-counter permits, or permits that are issued within one or two weeks. Larger projects should allow 8-12 weeks for review and one round of revisions with the City or County.

If your goal is to start a project in 2011, be sure to leave enough time for design and permitting. If you intend to start a construction project this Spring or Summer you should start the design process now. This is especially important for weather sensitive projects like second story additions, or other projects where good portions of the home are open to the weather.   If you would like to discuss your project please give us a call at (206) 204-0490 or use the contact form on our website.