In our practice, we focus on doing the two most important things in the architectural design field: providing good design and good service. Both of these elements are integrated into our Design Process.

The process starts by listening to you, asking questions, and taking a lot of notes. We want to understand what matters to you and how the project would work best for you. We identify problems and then turn them into design opportunities when possible. Rather than allowing a constraint to compromise the design, we look for ways to create something unique that also integrates your needs and ideas with all of our knowledge, creativity and expertise. In our design process, we solve your programmatic and functional requirements, but also strive to transcend these basics by creating design that is both experiential and sensory. By using space, light, color, detail and material we craft designs that provide a rich and layered experience appropriate for the time, the place, and the particular client.

We understand the personal investment of time and money our clients commit to their projects and we believe that when you hire us, you shouldn’t have to spend time reminding us of the things we are supposed to do. Our commitment to providing good service means focusing on project management so you don’t have to, being accessible to you when you need to discuss your project, and providing well drawn and complete design documents.

In addition to all of the above, we believe that the process should be enjoyable and creatively satisfying for everyone involved.