Project Description

A 1950’s brick home is transformed with a warm palette of materials


Within the small community of Blue Ridge are many mid-century brick homes in need of updating. This largely untouched home on a large corner lot in Blue Ridge was in dire need of interior and exterior renovation. On the exterior, new fir windows and doors, a stucco exterior, and a new roof freshen the already clean lines of the home. The interior lacked a full master suite and suffered from a lower level accessed down a narrow, dark stairway. Without adding square footage, the main level plan was reorganized by switching the location of a large bedroom and the living room. This allowed space for a master bedroom, bathroom and closet area. The old bedroom location turned into the living room and a wall was removed to open the stairway to this room. A natural fir ‘feature wall’ visually connects the lower and upper levels together. New fir cabinetry, and ceiling treatments lend a warm sophisticated feeling to the interiors. The kitchen was ‘lightly’ remodeled by painting the existing cabinets and replacing the floor, countertops and appliances.

In the basement, we added a kid’s bathroom and an office at the bottom of the stair. The remainder of the space was carefully remodeled with built-in casework and new finishes to freshen up the space.

Project Info & Tips

  • To freshen up a brick home, consider painting the brick, or if budget allows, installing stucco over the brick
  • Wood windows can be a lot of maintenance. Large overhangs help to protect most of the windows on this house from the weather
  • When considering adding space to a house, first see if there are ways to achieve your goals without increasing the size of the house. It is always less expensive to work with space you already have
  • This house had an existing swimming pool. We installed solar hot water heaters on the roof to preheat the water for the pool
  • To learn more, see our article on Whole House Remodels
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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