Project Description

A classic Capitol Hill home gets more style and detail from a new front porch and architectural detailing


Even though the owners of this classic Capitol Hill home had lovingly restored it from top to bottom, they felt something was missing on the front façade. We analyzed the previous architect’s design and devised ways to reduce the bulk and add architectural detailing. Since the home lacked a covered entry, a new generously sized covered entry was added with trellis like structures on each side. In addition, an upper level balcony was revised to lighten the bulky solid wall railing by adding an open railing, painted to match the trim color on the house. A new front entry walkway, landscape walls and plantings were added to complete the transformation.

Project Info & Tips

    • Proportion is important in making a large home look right. In a large house, keeping a sense of lightness to the design will help to reduce the massiveness of a large house
    • Extensive amounts of exterior woodwork can be challenging to upkeep. Using synthetic materials like PVC trim can help reduce maintenance over the long run
    • Whether you are starting a small remodel or major remodel, don’t forget about the landscaping. A well designed layout of the hardscape and a good planting plan will add to the value of the house as well as have a big aesthetic impact
    • Level of Design Services: Consulting
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