Project Description

A 1980’s bathroom is transformed into a modern and airy space


Like many bathrooms, the previous layout of the plumbing fixtures was functional, but the materials were low quality and there was not enough storage space. The design began by exploring ideas of how to increase the shower space and storage space. A useless wall between the shower and the tub was removed and the tub deck area was decreased in size to allow for additional space inside the shower. The vanity storage space increased by maximizing drawers and minimizing less useful space under the sinks. Above the vanity, a custom designed mirror with built-in medicine cabinets allows for the storage of all of the necessary every day items so they are close at hand. Lighting was revised with new vanity pendants and recessed lights controlled by separate and relocated switches. In-floor heat makes what normally would be cold tile warm to the touch.

Low maintenance ceramic and porcelain tiles were chosen for the wet areas, and a decorative glass tile was chosen for the backsplash of the vanity. An accent wall in the shower is clad with a unique tile that suggests the looks of water droplets. The small metallic accents add interest and depth to the design.

Project Info & Tips

  • It is less expensive to remodel a bathroom when you don’t have to move plumbing fixtures
  • A small hand shower at a tub can be useful for both rinsing down while bathing, as well as rinsing the tub after use
  • A rain shower head along with a hand shower can give you options depending on your mood and make showering more interesting. If they are located far enough apart, two people can shower at the same time
  • Storage doesn’t have to be inside a medicine cabinet. Integrating storage surrounding mirrors is a great way to keep storage close at hand
  • To learn more, see our article on Bathroom Remodels
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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