Project Description

A new swimming pool is integrated into the home and landscape design of this North Carolina home


A swimming pool can be a tricky addition to integrate into an existing home design not only because it’s a very large and prominent design element, but also because of strict safety code requirements. One of these requirements was to enclose the pool with a four foot high fence. Since this home sits on a thirteen-acre property it wasn’t feasible to enclose the entire property, so a way to surround the pool with a fence needed to be devised.

The solution was to integrate the fence into the landscape that gently slopes to an existing pond, while keeping the pool deck level. This created a pool deck that rises above the level of the fence and allows unobstructed views of the pond beyond. The west side of the pool was pushed into the hillside, necessitating the construction of stone walls clad in the same stone as the house to hold back the hillside. A set of stairs passes by a small outdoor shower and bluestone patio and leads to the hot tub located in a screened porch on the main level of the house.

Project Info & Tips

  • For added safety, this pool also has a motorized cover that is capable of supporting someone walking on it when closed, without falling through
  • A pool cover will help save energy heating (and in some cases, cooling) the pool
  • We incorporated an outdoor shower with an on-demand hot water heater to provide warm water for an outdoor shower
  • Pay careful attention to the material surrounding the pool. Bare feet will burn if the material is too hot in the sun, so generally avoid darker materials
  • Pools need mechanical equipment like heaters, filters, and pumps. Plan an area for these that is out of site, but convenient for service
  • This project is located in North Carolina. We have designed projects in various areas around the country with great success
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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