Project Description

Modern materials and construction techniques are infused into a traditional style new home located in the Montlake area of Seattle


The owners of this lot in the Montlake area of Seattle wanted a new family size, 3500 square foot residence in a traditional style with a gracious front porch and living spaces that spill out onto a back garden. Being located on a small hillside gives this home the advantage of being able to tuck a two car garage into the basement, but presents the challenge of having a front entry a full story above the street. A series of landscape walls and stairs were developed to break up the ascent to the  large front porch. A generous open family room and kitchen are located at the back of the house, level with the back garden. Large doors open to a covered patio that helps extend outdoor living into three seasons. Inside, detailing reminiscent of traditional architecture is reinterpreted for today’s living with an airy floor plan with tall ceilings and rich architectural detailing.

Project Info & Tips

  • Sometimes it makes sense to start over. In this case, the old home was not worth saving, and a new home made more sense for this in-city lot
  • Raise the ceilings: in a new home it is often expected that ceilings are a minimum of 9′ high. Even if you can only get 8′-6″ ceilings, that will feel more generous than 8′
  • Tall ceilings are especially important in basements where ductwork from a forced air heating system can reduce ceiling height by 8-12 inches.  If you don’t have the ceiling height for ductwork (and don’t need Air Conditioning), consider a radiant heating system with radiators or in-floor heat. This type of system does not require ductwork
  • When the main level is raised one story above the sidewalk, careful planning is necessary to make the entry sequence still feel gracious. Breaking the stairs into several smaller sets with landings between can make the climb to the main level seem less daunting. Integrating the landings into landscape walls will further make the climb to the main level feel more integrated into the design
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