Project Description

A classical style garden pavilion is added onto a substantial Kent home to house a new outdoor kitchen


Some of the most challenging homes to work with are the 1970’s era mansard roof style homes. While this substantial home located in Kent, Washington takes advantages of views to the one acres property, it lacked architectural detailing and style. When the owner requested an outdoor kitchen structure to extend outdoor living through much of the year, we seized this opportunity to add some style to the home.

The outdoor kitchen is designed like a ‘garden pavilion’ structure, with its columned corners and metal trellis detailing. The most prominent visual features are the three arched sides of the structure clad in copper roofing. The interior of the kitchen features a vaulted roof in stained wood, with an operable skylight at the top to vent any cooking fumes that escape the kitchen vent hood. Outdoor heaters help to extend outdoor living to all four seasons. A new rich-colored stamped concrete patio connects the kitchen to other outdoor living areas of the house, and the indoor kitchen. An area of blue stone pavers inside the kitchen helps define the kitchen space from the yard and adds some more architectural detailing.

Project Info & Tips

  • Quality materials such as copper roofing will make a structure last longer and be less expensive to maintain
  • In the Northwest, covered outdoor spaces allow for the space to be used throughout much of the year. Outdoor heaters keep it more comfortable on chilly nights
  • A vent hood is sometimes necessary to help exhaust fumes from grills located inside outdoor kitchens
  • When you have a large area to pave, consider stamped concrete to reduce cost. Mixing in an area of stone will bring detail to a more important area
  • To learn more, see our article on Choosing Kitchen Materials
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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