Project Description

A bland space is transformed into a vibrant learning environment for a Montessori School and Daycare


While this leasable space had previously been used as a daycare, its interior was sterile and institutional looking and feeling. It certainly was not the image that Planet Kids wanted to portray for their progressive Montessori program which features activities like yoga, dance, art, gymnastics, and music. On a tight budget, we devised ways to create more drama with paint, simple architectural detailing and furniture selection. Colors selected were vibrant and rich, and purposely avoided the stereotypical primary colors often selected for spaces for children.

Project Info & Tips

  • Choose durable materials for child care centers. It sometimes is necessary to install wainscoting along the hall depending on how destructive the kids are
  • Use color liberally in child care spaces. It makes the space more fun and enjoyable to be in
  • Child care centers require approval from other departments like the Department of Early Learning (in Washington State)
  • If the child care center has a kitchen, the Health Department may need to certify it
  • Level of Design Services: Consultation
  • How do I Estimate Construction Cost and Design Fees?
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