Project Description

We rearranged spaces in this Seattle Condo Remodel to transform an awkward floor plan into a well designed home


Originally, this 1130 square foot Condo in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle had one bedroom plus a den, and 1 1/2 baths. Through a smart rearranging of spaces, this Seattle condo unit was transformed into a two bedroom and a den with 1 3/4 baths. The design of the condo began with the idea of moving the kitchen into the overly large living space and turning the old kitchen into a walk-in closet with a small den/computer area. Circulation to the master bedroom was rerouted and the old hallway space was given back to the two tiny bathrooms. This allowed for an additional shower and a linen closet to be added to the bathrooms.

Special attention in this Seattle condo remodel was paid to defining spaces with lighting, and adding character through uniquely designed built-ins and colored accent walls. Cantilevered corner shelves and a niche to store fire wood are a couple unexpected and unique custom details.

Project Info & Tips

  • Original 1130 SF Condo built in 1985
  • Through smart space planning we remodeled this Seattle condo unit from 1 BR + Den 1.5 Baths to 2BR + Den 1.75 Baths w/o adding any additional space
  • Cost saving tip: we used a mix of custom built and Ikea cabinets
  • Making structural modifications in a condo can be very challenging (there were none in this remodel)
  • Condo remodels usually require obtaining permission from the condo’s HOA (Home Owner’s Association)
  • Consider construction issues during the design process, like what size materials will fit in the building’s elevator, how trash will be disposed of, and where contractors will park
  • Some contractors and architects will not work on condominiums because of liability issues
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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