Project Description

A modern Mediterranean style was brought to a house perched above Seward Park


The new homeowners of this Mount Baker mid-century modern residence were initially attracted to the home because of the large entertaining living room and dining room (since they frequently host large parties). The room also has a nice view of Lake Washington. The rest of the house was large enough for their family and also their frequent house guests.

While the house had the space the family needed, it wasn’t the style they wanted. They loved Mediterranean design but couldn’t imagine how to incorporate it into a mid-century home. After a lot of design work, we came to a solution that is a ‘modern Mediterranean’ design inspired by the colors and materials of Mediterranean style, but still in keeping with what was special about the house in the first place (the open spaces, large glass walls, and exposed beams).

The project involved refreshing the main living and dining area, remodeling the kitchen, master bedroom and master bathroom. We opened up the kitchen to the living room with larger openings that also incorporate large bookshelves to house their collection of books. Other areas of the house were refreshed with new paint, flooring, and lighting.

Project Info & Tips

  • Budget didn’t allow a complete transformation of this home to a Mediterranean style, so the design strategy was to infuse the existing house with elements and materials that evoke this style
  • Tile, stone counter tops, and lighting fixtures can go a long way in transforming a space to a specific style
  • This kitchen was designed as a Kosher Kitchen, so it has two of almost all appliances
  • To let in much needed natural light, custom skylights were fabricated. Where possible we ganged standard size skylights together to save money
  • To learn more, see our articles on Whole House Remodels, Choosing Kitchen Materials, and Bathroom Remodels
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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