Project Description

New materials give a modern and fresh feel to the exterior of this 1950’s West Seattle Home


Like many houses in Seattle, this home had not been provided much love over the years, and really needed a major refresh.  As part of a phased remodeling plan, the front and two sides of the home were redesigned and remodeled to provide an updated and more attractive appearance. The rear of the home was not modified to allow for future plans to remodel the kitchen and bath, which will require moving windows and doors.

Every project has its unique challenges and this project was no exception.  The Owners expressed a strong desire to source green and local materials where possible. We examined each specified product in the home, from the finish applied to the metal roof, to the specific type of insulation blown into the walls and installed in the attic.  With an eye for low maintenance we specified a fiberglass entry door that has a very convincing vertical wood grain (very similar to VG Fir). Other exterior materials like stucco where chosen for their appearance and durability.

Project Info & Tips

  • When specifying green materials, it is important to consider where the materials are coming from. Transporting materials long distances may not make sense if a similar material could be sourced locally
  • Sometimes it is necessary to phase a remodel due to budgets. Carefully thinking through how this is accomplished will save money and reduce problems in the future
  • When choosing exterior materials, consider long term durability. Typically materials like metal roofing and stucco will last longer than less expensive products
  • The underside of a roof soffit is a great place to use natural wood. It is protected from the elements so it won’t require as much maintenance
  • To learn more, see our article on Choosing Exterior Paint Colors and Materials
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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