Project Description

A classic craftsman style home in Seattle is transformed by a new two-story front porch


The owners of this Seattle home contacted us to replace a poorly constructed and leaking front porch that had so many construction defects it needed to be completely removed and replaced. We saw this as an opportunity to construct a leak free porch and to add some style and detail to a beautiful old craftsman style home located above Portage Bay. The owner also had spent many years cultivating a stunning garden that deserved to be viewed from a beautifully detailed new front porch.

The new design incorporates three arched openings on the front of the house, with large columns to hold up a second story porch with views of Portage Bay. Also incorporated within the columns are the drains for the deck above, which is now covered with a new waterproof PVC roofing membrane and beautiful Ironwood decking. New railings integrate into the design and are capped with an Ironwood rail (rather than painted wood) to reduce yearly maintenance.

Project Info & Tips

  • Careful selection of materials and detailing is essential for a project exposed to the elements (without the benefit of roof overhangs to protect the exterior walls)
  • Specification of durable materials like cedar for the trim will help a project like this last longer. We also specified PVC trim in areas that are close to the ground or with full weather exposure
  • Poorly detailed flat roofs tend to leak. It’s important to specify the right products and work out the details to help ensure a waterproof roof assembly
  • Don’t hope a contractor will work out the details the way you want for a project like this. Creating detailed drawings will help ensure the design is executed properly and turns out well
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
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