Motionspace Architecture + Design PLLC is an Award Winning Seattle Architecture Firm. We help transform our clients’ vision into reality through inspired problem solving, creative ideas, and a strategic design process.

Our Work

 Our portfolio of work includes numerous single family homes (new construction, remodels, and additions), as well as duplexes, triplexes, town homes, apartments, condominiums, tenant improvement, and day care and education projects. We work on each project to craft a unique solution that is the result of a working collaboration of us, our consultants, building department officials, and most importantly you, our client.

New View Home in Kennydale2018-08-28T20:49:46-07:00
Capitol Hill Basement Remodel2018-08-28T20:49:34-07:00
The New American Farmhouse2018-08-28T20:49:45-07:00
West Seattle Interior Remodel2018-08-28T20:49:48-07:00
Enatai Bellevue Addition and Remodel2018-08-28T20:49:55-07:00
Mountain Home Addition and Remodel2018-08-28T20:49:45-07:00
Mercer Island Rambler Exterior2018-08-28T20:49:51-07:00
Ravenna Addition and Remodel2018-08-28T20:49:47-07:00
Kennydale Renton New Home2018-08-28T20:49:50-07:00
Lake Washington Seattle New House2018-08-28T20:49:51-07:00
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About Us

We design the process as well as the project

Every project is different and every client is different. We start by listening to your goals, and discussing your schedule and budget. Then, together we determine the best process for your project.  We can help guide you through the maze of codes and design options, and help you arrive at the right level of service for your job.  While the most successful projects are usually the result of our full service package, we also offer other levels of services.

We help you realize the design

In order to complete a project you’ll love for years to come, a good design isn’t enough: it’s just as important to select the right general contractor to build it, and to find the construction relationship that best works for you. We’ll help you identify General Contractors that could be a good fit, as well as the best process to meet your goals. That could mean establishing a design-build relationship with a single contractor right away, or interviewing several General Contractors only once preliminary pricing documents are completed.

Because we are an independent company from your General Contractor, that gives us the flexibility to find the right fit for your particular design, budget and schedule. It also means you have an advocate working on your behalf to help ensure the best results possible.

We utilize a full suite of up-to-date software and technology to aid in 
communication, design, management and marketing during our projects.

We have carefully selected appropriate technology to allow us to work efficiently and produce the best design work possible. Since we also deal with organizing and coordinating a lot of information, we use software and services to store and distribute documents so they are accessible whenever they are needed.

3D Visualization / BIM : Autodesk Revit

Graphics : Adobe Creative Suite

Project Management : Evernote, Acrobat, Bluebeam

Communication : Dropbox, Skype, Facetime, Slack

We create value through good design


-Edward Tufte

When comparing design services it’s important to see the big picture. The value a good architect creates in a successful project can far exceed the cost of their services. Conversely, a poorly designed building will be worth less and take longer to sell or rent. Hiring an architect solely based on the cost of their services can end up being a costly mistake.

Good design goes beyond economic value.

We strive to transcend the basics by creating design that is both experiential and sensory. By using space, light, color, detail and material, we craft designs that provide a rich and layered experience, appropriate for the time, the place, and the particular client.