Project Description

Twenty-two new townhomes in Kent surround a restored wetland


The design of this 22-townhome community began with the idea of taking advantage of a naturally occurring stream that ran through a culvert in the middle of the site.  By exposing the stream and redeveloping the wetlands around the stream, a natural resource was preserved and a feature was added to the site for the residents to enjoy.  A meandering road and sidewalk with a bridge crossing the stream provides access to the entire site.

To take advantage of views of Mt. Rainier and other specific site conditions, almost every home has a unique floor plan.  The townhomes incorporate features like bay windows, asymmetrical roofs, covered entries, and dormers to give each home individual character, but also provide the community with a consistent overall feel.

The design also included the landscape walls and entry features to the site.

Landscape design by Tom Zachary.

Project Info & Tips

  • The project consists of a mix of duplex and triplex units
  • Each unit features a main level bedroom and bathroom
  • A project like this can take several years to design, permit and build
  • This development was set up as a condominium with exterior maintenance and landscaping taken care of by the Homeowners Association
  • Level of Design Services: Full Services
  • How do I Estimate Construction Cost and Design Fees?
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